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The sustainable approach of the Torello Group

Umberto, Concetta and Antonio Torello – 2nd generation at the helm of the Torello Group – started a Research & Development* program in 2016 based on innovation and digitalisation. A project aimed at offering all stakeholders a more efficient, performance and eco-sustainable supply chain management service.

The program is divided into:

  • Design
    phase in which the movement strategies necessary to solve a logistical problem are devised;
  • Experimental development
    empirical study aimed at increasing the company’s know-how through the acquisition, combination, structuring and analysis of data useful for producing new logistic solutions and improving existing processes.

*Made according to the guidelines of the 2017 Research and Development company project.

The G.L.A.P. patent

In both phases, we started the research and development plan for the GLAP (Green Logistic Automation Platform) in 2016, and continued fully in 2017, a process patent that concerns the efficiency of the logistics management of goods, so as to enhance the quality of the services offered in an increasingly green perspective.

The patent makes use of multiple technologies related to industry 4.0 so as to achieve the following objectives:

  • monitoring and reduction dharmful emissions (CO 2 and toxic particulates);
  • automation logistics phases;
  • increase in operational efficiency;
  • reduction costs with reference to the warehouse, transport, personnel;
  • management optimal flow of goods in and out;
  • optimisation routes/journeys and full load transport;
  • simplification del reporting reporting on security, traceability and compliance.

I’m a TN Trucker – Raffaele

I was lucky to know this company, honestly. It is truly “like family”.

What is the GLAP?

It is a patent created with an aim above all: to reduce polluting emissions and minimise waste.

The future is coming

The future is made of the choices we make: choose your life now as it will be tomorrow.

Environmentally friendly transport solutions

The environment is a priority issue that we are committed to, in order to reduce CO 2 emissions, with numerous investments such as the purchase of the FUSO Canter Eco Hybrid, the updating of t he fleet with new Euro 6 tractor units, the use of intermodal rail routes, as well as the adoption of the latest generation of satellite monitoring systems, Flottaweb.

We continue to respond to the requirements dictated by customers who, in addition to the services, require maximum attention to the environment. Needs that can be reconciled today.

— Antonio Torello

The investments made so far, in addition to improving the logistics phases, have increased the company know- how and covered a pedagogical function.

The R&D project is therefore configured as a two-way system: at first the constant efforts of the managerial staff in research and the commitment made by the technical staff improve the control of the individual moments of the logistics chain, then team participation in company activities falls positively on the employees who together co- create knowledge. Like in a big family.

Times, technologies and the reference market have changed, but the efficiency of services through an approach to sustainable business has continued since 1975, when Torello was founded, the year in which the foundations were laid for its healthy growth.

It is precisely in this logic that the R&D project of the Green Logistics Automation Platform is established, which can certainly be a milestone for the company and the sector in the efficient and responsible management of the Supply Chain.

+ Quality + Productivity

The offer of services in a sustainable key, the improvement of digitization processes, the HUB at strategic points, the road/rail combination, a cutting-edge fleet.
Translated into numbers?

29.397.085 kg of CO2 not emitted*
*in relation to road vehicles up to December 2020.

We have voluntarily chosen to monitor the environmental impact generated by our business. Ours is the responsibility to adopt solutions that focus on a better quality of life. We want to make a decisive contribution. We were chosen by the big brands thanks also for this.

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